NFIA Art Exhibition 2008      “Traveling Lights”

    Traveling at the speed of light the NFIA continues to bring high quality artwork to the public at large.  We are proud to bring you the latest creation in a series of traveling shows by our co-founder Enrique Chiu.  “Traveling Lights” takes an ambitious perspective in its remembrance of our historical and cultural journeys.  This mixed media neon-based show sheds light on the power of light to travel great distances and reach out to distant places. Chiu as always brings his highly expressive brand of painting to form of light that holds a place in the imaginations of several generations.  

 Comprised of 21 artists and growing the NFIA is a charitable organization of professional artists brought together by the desire for discussion on shows, technique, subject matter, sales initiatives and the role of the artist in society today.  Together we raise money for charities by organizing shows and donating pieces for auction.  For more information visit our websites at or

Art exhibitions:/February/march/April/May-2008


February 2nd & 7th 5pm

@ Gallery Azul- (traveling Lights) Enrique Chiu & NFIA

8TH ST & Pacific Ave. San Pedro, CA


February 9th 5pm

@ C1D Gallery- (traveling Lights) Enrique Chiu, Fallopians Artopians, Dvine Performance, live music, DJ Chee-bo, NFIA

441 E. First st. LB, CA


February 9th 5pm

@ 11/7 Gallery- (traveling Lights) Enrique Chiu

117 Linden Ave. & First st. LB


February 9th 5pm

@ Village Grind Coffee Gallery- (traveling Lights) Enrique Chiu

443 E. First St. LB


February 9th 5pm

@ Bistro Bouchess- (traveling Lights) Enrique Chiu & NFIA


February 16th 3pm

@ Savant Salon- (traveling Lights) Enrique Chiu & NFIA


February 23th 4pm

@ Awakenings Cafe Gallery- (traveling Lights) Enrique Chiu & NFIA, Live music (2 local


24100 Narbonne Ave. Lomita CA.



February 9th 5pm

@ Picture This Gallery- (Love n Hate) Group Show

4130 Norse Way. LB, CA           


March 1st

@FineLine Gallery – Traveling Light show- Enrique Chiu

Atlanta GA


March 8th 5pm

@ Bistro Bouchess- (traveling Lights) Enrique Chiu & NFIA


March 22nd 3pm

@ Savant Salon- (traveling Lights) Enrique Chiu & NFIA


April 5th

@ Gallery 57 – Traveling Light Show) Enrique Chiu

 Manhattan, New York


April 12th

@ C1D Gallery Compound First Choice- Enrique Chiu

Enrique Chiu benefit and Art Show LB Artists


April 12th 5pm

@ Bistro Bouchess- (traveling Lights) Enrique Chiu & NFIA


April 19th 3pm

@ Savant Salon- (traveling Lights) Enrique Chiu & NFIA


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